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Royan Institute

Education & Research
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Research Assistants
  • Adeleh Taee
  • Mohamad Pakzad
  • Sepideh Mollamohamadi
  • Mehran Rezaee
  • Ali Seifinejad
  • Mansooreh Shahsavani
  • Azam Samadian
  • Saeed Abbas Alizadeh
  • Seyedeh Nafiseh Hassani
  • Leila Taghiyar
  • Hamid Nazarian
  • Sima Bordbar
  • Fateme Bagheri
  • Shahrbano Jahangiri
  • Faeze Faghihi
  • Elham Zomorodiyan
  • Behshad Pournasr Khakbaz
  • Mastoure Shahsavani
  • Samira Asgari
  • Arefeh Ghodsizadeh
  • Zahra Farzaneh
  • Ali Farrokhi
  • Hossein Nezari
  • Azadeh Moradmand
  • Keynush Khalooghi
  • Yaser Tahamtani
  • Narges Zare
  • Sahar Kiani
  • Shiva Nemati
  • Maryam Hatami
  • Katayoun Hemmesi
  • Alireza Pouya
  • Ebrahim Shahbazi
  • Sara Alaei
  • Mostafa Hajinasrollah
  • Soroosh Mohitmafi
  • Niloofar shayan
  • Amir Hossein Baghsheikhi
  • Hananeh founodi
  • Sadaf vahdat
  • Abdolhossein Shahverdi
  • Hossein Azizi
  • Faranak Tavakolifar
  • Vahid hajihoseini
  • Leila pirhaji
  • Reza sorbi
  • Ali fathi
  • Farnaz shamsi
  • Tahere valadbeigi
  • Faranak fatahi
  • Maryam yousefi
  • Bahareh adhami
  • Sharifbordbar
  • Javad Gharechahi
  • Lida Habibi rezaii
  • Seyed shahab mirshahvaladi
  • Mehdi Alikhani
  • Ali fathi
  • Davood nasrabadi
  • Mahdye  jadaliha
  • Hassan rassouli
  • Sharif bordbar
  • Mostafa naghavi
  • Meghdad Yeganeh
  • Atefeh shahbazi
  • Fatemeh vaezi rad
  • Parvaneh mohamadi
  • Roghayeh fazeli
  • Mehrnaz namiri
  • Parvaneh mohamadi
  • Xaneyar ghazi zade
  • Reza moghadas ali
  • Sora mardpor
  • Maryam - kazemi-moghadami
  • Saeideh  Ebrahimkhani
  • Roghayeh fazeli
  • Leyla  Ashgtalkh
  • Esmat hosseini
  • Monireh mohamad
  • Fatemeh soltanalizadeh
  • Alireza Goodarzi
  • Azam Samadian
  • Abbas Piryaei
  • Zahra Ajdari-Tafti
  • Mostafa Najjar Asl
  • Ehsan jan zamin
  • Fazel samani
Scientific Staff PDF Print E-mail

Scientific Staff

  • Hossein Baharvand
  • Nasser Aghdami
  • Ghasem Hosseini Salekdeh
  • Mohamadreza Baghaban Eslaminejad
  • Marzieh Ebrahimi
Intstitutional Reveiew Board PDF Print E-mail

Intstitutional Reveiew Board

  • Hamid Gourabi, PhD 
  • Seyed Abolhassan Shahzadeh Fazeli, MD 
  • Abdolhossein Shahverdi, PhD 
  • Hossein Baharvand, PhD 
  • Nasser Aghdami, Md/PhD
  • Ghasem Hosseini Salekdeh, PhD 
  • Mohamadreza Baghaban Eslaminejad, PhD
  • Marzieh Ebrahimi, PhD 
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  • Workshops
  • Seminars and congress
  • Conferences


 The Department’s Main Activities and Researches:

  • Giving information to the Surrogate child: (What and When)
  • Ethical challenges of cell therapy and possible solutions
  • The role of stem cells in the burn
  • Patient Bill of Rights
  • Views in favor of commercialization Surrogacy
  • Mutual obligations of the contract in Surrogacy
  • Relationship between Surrogacy and Adoption
  • Review the draft bill for adding some points to the Act of Embryo Donation
  • Psychological and cultural problems of Surrogacy
  • Medical hegemony in the definition of ethics body in Iran
  • Nature of the relationship between physician and patient from Imamieh point of view
  • Doctor and patient relationship
  • Applying artificial neural network to predicting the outcome of ART cycles in the patients who refer to Royan institute
  • Attitude towards the child and the parent specially in HIV positives
  • Survey of sexual function in infertile women
  • Development and standardization of data collection tools to study knowledge and attitude towards Methods of gamete donation
  • Experience of infertility among embryo recipients
  • Using ART for addicted couples from legal and moral point of view
  • Review the necessity of obtaining permission of spouse for using the medical treatment for wife
  • Review of reproductive rights in local and international legal system
  • The relationship between chemical pregnancy, risk factors, clinical and cellular factors in infertile people using structural equation model
  • Using methods of correction of sensitivity and specificity of diagnostic tests to estimate the accuracy of transvaginal ultrasonography in diagnostic endometrial polyps when verification bias is present
  • Ethical challenges of human transplantation using transgenic animals organ
  • The results of infertility treatment in older women
  • Vaginismus treatment after 20 years: Case report
  • Writing a book about assisted reproductive treatments History in Iran
  • Collecting ART patient records
  • Design of forecast models using decision trees to identify infertile women with endometriosis
  • Review of assisted reproductive therapy in postmenopausal women with advanced age from medical and ethical perspective
  • Professionals’ attitudes towards the welfare of children born after assisted reproductive techniques
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