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Neural Cells

Group Leader
Hossein Baharvand, Ph.D

Research Scientist
Sahar Kiani, Ph.D
Sahar Kiani received her B.Sc from the Department of Biology at Azad University in 2001. She continued her education in the Medical University of Mashhad. She joined the laboratory of Professor Boskabady at the Medical University of Mashhad and graduated with an M.Sc in Physiology in 2003. Then, she began her Ph.D at Tarbiat Modarres University and Royan Institute, emphasizing the electrophysiology of human embryonic stem cells during neural differentiation, in the laboratory of Professor Baharvand at Royan Institute in 2006 and graduated in 2010. She currently works as a member of the academic staff at Royan Institute. Her major research interest has been motor neurons, particularly spinal cord injuries.

Assistant Professor
Kourosh Shahpasand (Ph.D)

Research Assistants

Fahimeh Khayatan (MSc)
Amir M Malvandi (M.Sc)
Shiva Nemati (M.Sc)
Alireza Pouya (M.Sc)
Ebrahim Shahbazi (M.Sc)

Hassan Ansari (M.Sc)
Ali Fathi (Ph.D)
Ali Rahjouei (M.Sc)
Fereshteh Sargholi (M.Sc)
Azadeh Zahabi (M.Sc)
Maryam Yousefi (M.Sc)

The availability of self-renewing stem cells has provided new perspectives for the development of neuroregenerative therapies. A key focus of our research is the derivation of defined neurons and glia from embryonic and induced pluripotent embryonic stem cells. Using a variety of differentiation protocols and transplantation and disease models, we are exploring the potential for these cells to integrate into the nervous system and contribute to functional repair.







Neural progenitor cells in the present of small molecule CHIR.

Retinal pigmented epithelium (RPE) cell-derived pluripotent stem cells.

Neurobiology and Regenerative Medicine Program Initiative (NRMPI)


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•    ong-term self-renewable feeder-free human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived neural progenitors. Nemati S, Hatami M, Kiani S, Hemmesi K, Gourabi H, Masoudi N, Alaei S, Baharvand H. Stem Cells Dev. 2011 Mar;20(3):503-14.

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