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Gene Targeting

Laboratory Head
Ali Farrokhi

Technical Staff

Behrouz Asgari (B.Sc)
Saiedeh Sahraie (M.Sc)
Poya Tavakolrad (B.Sc)

The Royan Transgenic Core Facility provides all appropriate procedures and technology for production of  transgenic, knockout and knock-in mice. This Core offers the following services to Royan Institute as well as researchers from external institutions:

1.    Pronuclear microinjection for the production of standard transgenic mice
2.    ES blastocyst injection which involves injections of gene targeted mouse embryonic stem cells into blastocysts for the production of knockout and knock-in mice
3.    Rederivation services
4.    Embryo cryopreservation.

The facility provides consultation services for the design of transgenes, animal husbandry and genotypic analysis of transgenic animals.


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