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Laboratory Head
Abbas Piryaei

Technical Staff
Zahra Ajdari (B.Sc)
Mostafa Najar-Asl (B.Sc)

This lab was established to provide histology services and support investigators associated with RI-SCBT. The mission of the Histology Core is to provide the necessary training and/or services that will enable investigators to study their research samples.
The Histology Core provides full service histology, training and equipment use for frozen tissues and tissues embedded in paraffin or resin and a variety of counterstaining procedures. Cell and tissue processing for transmission and scanning electron microscopy and ultra-thin sectioning for transmission electron microscopy are also available. Specialized histological procedures are available as well for unique samples such as in vitro cultured cells, tissues, embryos and engineered tissues.
The Core is managed and operated by a full-time histotechnologist with more than four years of experience in this field. The Core Director oversees all operations and assists in the interpretation and evaluation of histologic specimens.

Services available:

1.    Training on any aspect of histology
2.    Tissue processing for LM, IHC, IF, SEM and TEM
3.    Decalcification of bone specimens
4.    Sectioning for LM, IHC,IF, and TEM
5.    Routine and special staining for LM and TEM

Ultra Microtome-EM
Small intestine, PAS staining

Tissue processor-LM


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