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Dairy Assist Center


The Dairy Assist Center (DAC) is a newly designed center within the department of Reproduction and Development that provides R&D support for expanding the dairy industry throughout the country. Over the years with excellent experience in the field of mammalian in vitro embryo development, embryo transfer and genetics; DAC has now gained prominence as a front-ranking research center whose purpose is to create the first joint effort to offer a continuum of academic, technical and applied collaboration with the local and national industrial dairy complexes.


The main missions of DRC:

  1. Sperm technologies: Although expensive, many farmers are concerned or even dissatisfied with the results of some semen batches used for artificial insemination. Here, they can accurately be informed of the quality of purchased semen with the use of a dozen semen tests such as: morphology, motility and integrity (DNA/plasmalemma/cytoplasm). The semen’s fertilization potential can also be checked by IVF experiments.
  2. Ovary and oocyte technology: Frequently, champion dairy cattle are omitted due to their sudden death, critical fractures or acute diseases. In these situations, there are only two biotechnological approaches to sustain the reproductive performances of these champions: a) obtaining immature oocytes to be used for either IVF or freezing and b) cryopreservation of ovarian tissue for future use.
  3. Embryo technologies: In order to assist those dairy owners who desire to increase the numbers of their champion cattle, several technologies have been established to distribute superior genetic constitutes throughout the country. Some of these technologies include: multiple ovulation (MO), artificial insemination (AI), embryo flushing, embryo transfer (ET), in vitro fertilization (IVF) with sexed semen, sperm sexing, intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), in vitro embryo culture, embryo sexing, embryo splitting, assisted zona drilling, embryo freezing and embryo banking.




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