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Reproductive Genetics
There is more and more attention toward genetic sciences, especially among biology and medicine researchers. Genetic background of many diseases with unknown origin is well understood now and many others are in research process. Successful treatment of infertility with assisted reproduction techniques (ART) has many unknown points that discovery of each can help using these treatments more efficiently. Reproductive genetics can help to discover these unclear points and to find new treatments strategies.
In 2010 we organized specialized subgroups to make our future program more convenient. Assigning more specialized staffs and providing suitable infrastructures can make fruitful future. My colleagues have planned to continue their programs for recognizing the genetic factors related to recurrent abortions, fail ART, poor responding to ovarian stimulation medication, epigenetic factors related to infertility and embryo development, genetic manipulation of cells to produce recombinant proteins and transgenic animals.
I would like to express my thanks to my valuable colleagues for their efforts, and extend invitation to all genetic scientists for collaboration in our research programs.
 Dr. Hamid Gourabi
Head of Department
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