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Epidemiology & Reproductive Health
The Epidemiology and Reproductive Health Department was established in 2000 with the aim of promoting reproductive health by epidemiological research in the field of reproduction. This department is responsible for checking all research proposals in three faculties and gives both methodological and statistical consultation.
This department undertakes multicentre research between Iran and other countries in the following areas:
  • Frequency, incidence and influencing factors for all subfertility and infertility types
  • Environmental and occupational factors affecting fertility and reproduction
  • Psychosocial issues affecting infertile couples, their treatment and coping mechanisms
  • Experiences, quality of life, marital and sexual satisfaction of infertile couples, even after IVF failure
  • Ethical issues, legislation and guidelines in assisted reproduction
  • Statistical models and methods for research in reproduction, genetics and the cellular and molecular fields
  • Animal ethics

The mission of this department is the promotion of reproductive health in Iran. Reproductive health is an important aspect of general health and involves people of all ages within the society, from an embryo to the elderly. Focusing on sexual and reproductive health guarantees the future health of society by ensuring healthy children and healthy adults. Finally, its job involves research into all reproduction related areas including social, medical, psychological and ethical issues, and therefore its vision is to ensure the health of the society.
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Reproductive Health
Epidemiology and Biostatistics in ART
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