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Royan International Research Award was founded by the late director of Royan Institute, Dr. Saeid Kazemi Ashtiani with the aim of encouraging the researchers, appreciation their efforts and preparing a friendly scientific atmosphere for researchers to exchange their knowledge and experiences. Kazemi had wonderful ideas to bring researchers together and motivate them to increase their efforts and perform high level researches that one of them was research award. Royan’s staff lost their beloved director in January 2006 by heart attack, May he rest in peace.
This annual award is continuing its duty every year and become better and better. Increasing the scientific level and number of the submitted papers is a good evidence for that. The research papers are put in a hairsplitting jury system which relies on Award’s international scientific board with special thanks to its honorable members. Each year five prominent researches with outstanding help in solving problems in reproduction and stem cell fields, are announced, appreciated and rewarded.
As comparing the researches in different fields is very difficult and finding best researchers among them with variations in methods, implements and results is almost impossible, from 2007 five same prizes are distributed between five winners. Each winner is selected from one of the following fields: female infertility, andrology, embryology, genetics and stem cell biology and technology. Winners are rewarded by a certificate, award’s symbol and $5000 cash.



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