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Stem cell in regenerative medicine
Memorial: Dr. Saaid Kazemi Ashtiani
25 Dec. 2008,  Royan institute

Dear colleagues
It is our pleasure to inform you about Royan Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Symposium (RSCRM) which took place at 25th of December, 2008 in Tehran, Iran. The primary objectives of RSCRM are to promote clinical research in cell therapy and regenerative medicine to promote education and the exchange of information and technology related to above areas.
Symposium highlights

  •    Clinical development challenges in regenerative medicine
  •    Regenerative medicine for neurodegenerative disorders
  •    Regenerative medicine for cardiovascular diseases
  •    Cell therapy and angiogenesisregenerative-m
  •    Advance in tissue engineering
  •    Embryonic stem cell and regenerative medicine
  •    Regenerative medicine in Eye disorders
  •    Cell therapy for skin diseases
  •    Cell therapy for liver diseases
  •    ISCCR guidelines for stem cell therapy
  •    Tissue engineering of bone and cartilage

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