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Iran transgenic kids fight heart disease  

Royan scientists have succeeded in producing two transgenic kids, paving the way for Iran to join countries with the technology to generate drugs from transgenic animals.

In January 2010 following the birth of 'Shangoul' and 'Mangoul', Iran became the first Middle Eastern country to produce transgenic goats with foreign proteins in their milk, which renders them valuable sources of human factor IX for treating individuals suffering from hemophilia B.

Royan's public relations office announced that two transgenic kids were produced in the center in the past month. Laboratory tests have revealed high concentrations of tissue Plasminogen Activator (tPA) in their blood.

tPA is the best available medication effective in preventing and treating cardiac arrest and its complications through eliminating the culprit blood clots; however, it is not commonly used due to its high price. A large sum of money is also dedicated for importing small quantities of the drug.

Iranian scientists believe these kids would be capable of producing considerable amounts of tPA by the time they enter the lactation phase.

One of these kids died within seven days of birth due to gastrointestinal failures; the other kid, however, is reported to be in a good health status.

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