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Royan Institute for Animal Biotechnology was initially established in 2004 as the first research branch of Royan Institute. It is located in Isfahan Province, which is famous for its architecture, rivers and handcrafts, and is known as the city of “blue tiles”.

Royan Institute for Animal Biotechnology was established with the purpose of advancing research in reproduction, development, cell and molecular biology, in addition to the fields of bioengineering and reproductive technology. In this regard, this institute has focused on somatic cell nuclear technology (SCNT), interspecies-SCNT, transgenesis, the establishment of novel sperm selection methods for assisted reproductive technology, cell differentiation, production of recombinant proteins and the cell biology of peroxisomes. The endeavors of Royan Institute for Animal Biotechnology have made us the pioneer of animal cloning in Iran and the Middle East. Therefore, this institute is well known for its cloned animals, Royana and Hanna: the first cloned sheep and goat in Iran, and Bovana, the first calf born with IVF. Areas of interest at our institute are: gene reprogramming during SCNT, transgenesis, sperm cell biology, the role of sub-cellular organelles in differentiation and recombinant protein technology. In addition, the institute is providing a comprehensive and coordinated “bench to production” approach in recombinant protein technology, animal farming and the establishment of methods to increase the efficiency of assisted reproductive techniques.

The institute’s vision is to attain new heights in biotechnology research, shaping biotechnology into a premier recision tool of the future for creation of wealth, ensuring social justice and also efficiently bridging science to daily life.

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