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Royan Institute established the first Cell Therapy Pre-Hospital in Iran

In order to establish a cell therapy hospital, a Cell Therapy Pre-Hospital was launched at the Institute this morning. Dr. Gourabi, the president of Royan Institute, mentioned that the aim of establishing cell therapy center was to produce appropriate, high quality and standardized cells for treatment application. He pointed out: during these years profiting the clinical, research facilities of the universities many successes are obtained in the use of cell therapy. Now the pre-hospital founded for treatments that require cell application and no long hospitalization. Dr. Gourabi also expressed the establishment of this hospital can provide services to people and plays a role in Iran's medical tourism as well.




Dr. Nasser Aghdami, the head of cell therapy center said: nearly seven years passed after the first conducted clinical study at Royan institute on the use of cell therapy in treatment of various diseases including heart disease, liver, bone, kidney, eye and skin. He added that Cell therapy is one of the important methods in treating patients and they can transplant the matured cells or stem cells for regenerating the lost body tissues through this method. Dr. Aghdami estimated that the increase of degenerative diseases associated with urban life and aging population causes more application of this method which economically affects the income of the country. He mentioned that the founded pre-cell therapy hospital is a preliminary step toward establishing a cell therapy hospital which is expected to be launched as soon as possible.

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