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Royan Stem Cell Bank (RSCB) Is Inaugurated Today.

Dr Gourabi, Royan Institute President, announced that 8400 vials of embryonic and non-embryonic stem cells in 334 types including 108 mouse embryonic stem cell lines, 106 human induced pluripotent stem cell lines, and 12 human embryonic stem cell lines are kept in Royan Stem Cell Bank.

He mentioned that the efficiency of providing the mouse embryonic stem cell lines form the embryo gets increased by Royan scientists and researchers efforts. They can provide an embryonic stem cell line from each embryo whereas the ratio was 1 in 100 before.

He noticed that Iran is the 12th country owning the embryonic and non-embryonic stem cell bank in the world. This is an evolution in the region and now RSCB can give a high quality service like its peer centers. He said the aim of inaugurating this bank is to provide the cell lines to the international and national researchers and students, who need these human or mouse cell lines for their research projects.

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