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The Department of Embryology, founded in 1995, is a part of Royan Institute’s Reproductive Biomedicine and Stem Cell Research Centers. During the preceding decade, a fundamental description of human and animal experimental studies has emerged in the field of embryology.

The main focuses of this department are:
  • Increasing the quality of gametes and embryos
  • Studying molecular aspects of gamete maturation and embryo development
  • Performing embryo co-culture with various types of somatic cells
  • Studying molecular aspects of gamete and embryo freezing
  • In vitro maturation of animal and human gametes
  • Evaluating molecular and cellular events of embryo implantation
  • Three-dimensional culture of cells to design an endometrial biomodel
  • Three-dimensional culture of follicles in order to acquire good quality oocytes
  • Performing nuclear transfers
  • Performing animal cloning and transgenesis
  • Finding the best method for preserving gametes, ovarian, and testicular tissues
Goals of the department
  • Increasing the number of high quality human embryos
  • Producing transgenic animals with selected genes
  • Establishing in vitro human follicle culture following ovarian tissue cryopreservation
The mission of the RI-RB Embryology Department is the performance of multiple research regarding different aspects of fertility preservation and different treatments of infertility in order to improve embryo health and increase the pregnancy success rate.
Its aim is to make the wish of having children for infertile couples come true, and to give a promising future to them.

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