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The transfer process is usually uneventful and pain-free compared to the retrieval process. Your embryos are loaded into a thin flexible catheter, which is inserted into your uterus. The embryos are placed as far into the uterus as possible without touching the back wall of your uterus. Some clinics measure how long your uterus is and map out your uterus before the actual transfer date. The doctor doing the transfer tries to place the embryos 0.5-1.0 cm from the back wall of your uterus. Some clinics use an abdominal u/s to help guide embryos in place. Once the embryos are inserted into the uterus, the catheter is slowly removed. The catheter is then sent back to the lab to confirm that there are no embryos sticking to it. The embryos don't often stick to the catheter, but if this happens the stray embryo is reloaded into the catheter and the transfer is tried again. Some clinics will recommend that you rest on the transfer table for about an hour, while other clinics may allow you to leave right away.



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