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The question of how many embryos to transfer is not an easy one to answer. The decision is usually made based on a number of factors: age, number of IVF attempts, blastocyst versus regular transfer, % of multiples produced at your clinic and your feelings regarding the number to transfer. Some clinics will not allow you to transfer more than 3 embryos at a time. If you become pregnant with triplets, there is still a good chance that you can have a healthy pregnancy and carry your babies close to term. Anymore than triplets and the chances of complications goes up significantly. Some clinics recommend transferring more than 3 embryos if you are older than 35 or have had several unsuccessful IVF attempts. As you age your embryo quality can start to decline, therefore transferring more than 3 may give you a better chance of success. If you will be transferring blastocysts, clinics are more likely to recommend transferring fewer embryos, because of the higher success rates with this type of transfer. Your clinic's pregnancy success rate regarding multiples may help you to make your decision.
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