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I have compiled this list of precautions from the women who have passed along their clinic's guidelines to me. Please always seek the advice of your doctor on what precautions you should take for your situation. If you are in the 2 week wait and have already done something which the list says to avoid, please do not worry. I have known women who have done some of the things on the list and still have gone on to become pregnant.

  •     AVOID caffeine, smoking, alcohol, and drugs
  •     AVOID heavy lifting
  •     AVOID strenuous exercising and housework (this includes vacuuming)
  •     AVOID bouncing activities (horseback riding, aerobics)
  •     AVOID sunbathing, hot saunas, hot tubs and Jacuzzis
  •     AVOID swimming and baths
  •     AVOID sexual intercourse and orgasms


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