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Assisted reproductive technologies are widely practised around the world for the treatment of all forms of infertility. Currently, the application of this technology is common in the Islamic world. This group discusses derivation of Islamic rulings and its impact on the ethics of contemporary issues, including family formation and assisted reproduction. It is important for Muslims from all around th world to know the current situation of Islamic decrees about assisted reproduction, especially Shi‘ah Muslims, because in Shi‘ah Islam third party assisted reproduction is accepted. As the law in Iran and many other Islamic countries are based on Islam, legal researches and pursuing guidelines and legislations is another aim of this group.
Group Leader
Mohammad Reza Rezaniya Moalem, MA

Research Assistants
M Azin, MA
Sh Behnammanesh, MA
T Merghati, PhD
R Omani Samani, MD
S Shariati Nasab, MA

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