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Infertility is a major public health problem worldwide that has been encountered more during recent years. Clinically, a couple is considered to be infertile after at least one year without contraception and without pregnancy (Weinberg and Wilcox 1998; Savitz et al. 2002). Factors affecting fertility can vary in different parts of the world. The epidemiological knowledge about infertility in Iran is sparse; as regards fertility treatment developed substantially during the 1980’s and Royan Institute is one of the largest infertility centers in our country. Many infertile men and women from different geographical areas and different ethnic groups throughout the country refer to this center. It is tried to study important variables such as psychosocial, demographic, social, and geographical among others which effect on fertility. Also, the associations between those variables among women and men in ART through epidemiological methodology such as case-control, retrospective cohort or interventional studies are included. Hope that the activities of this group can be effective in providing important data about the epidemiologic and etiologic factors of infertility in this part of the world and can show the priority of future plans for complementary assessment and preventive programs in general population.
Group Leader
Gholamreza Khalili, MD

Research Assistants
A Akhlaghi, MSc
M Akhoond, PhD
M Chehrazi, MSc
R Cheraghi, MSc
A Ghaheri, MSc
S Hesam, MSc
L Mounesan, MSc
S Sazvar, BSc
F Shabani, BSc
M Shamsipour, MSc


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