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One side of every innovation in the field of medicine and high-technology which has something to do with medicine is human being. Moreover, it cannot be found any kind of people living out of societies throughout the history, which mwans human are social and cultural  animals. This kind of creature, similar to others, has the necessary and basic needs for survival. So, the main difference between humans and other animals is having culture and economical system in order to live with each other and improve the qualities of life.
ART is a sort of innovations coming from this system in order to help to maintain and improve it. Therefore, not only it is supposed to be studied in the process of constructing ART, but also it intended to do research on how it works, who local socio-economic system accept, change and internalize that, and what intended or unintended consequences are.

Group Director
Narges Bagheri Lankarani, PhD

Research Assistants

Z Ahmadi, BSc
Z Ezabadi, BSc
Sh Irani, PhD
N Izadyar, MSc
M Karimi, MSc
F Kashfi, MSc
F Malekzadeh, MSc
Sh Sabeti, MD

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