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The main focuses of this group are:

  • Gray Scale Sonography
           - Trans Abdominal
           - Trans Rectal
           - ScrotulSonography: to assess Prostate and seminal vesicles. Seminal Vesicles abnormally which is caused
             by Acquired diseases (Seminal vesiculitis) and Congenital abnormality (Ectopic insertion of the ureter into the seminal 
             vesicle, S.V.  agenesis, Seminal vesicles cysts) may causes infertility.


  •  Color Doppler Sonography:

          a) With Injection: to evaluate impotence with Injection of  Papaverine
          b)Without Injection: 
Assessment and classification of  Varicocele
                                         Assessment of blood supply of testis's mass
                                         Assessment of possibility of testicular torsion
                                        Confirmation of inflammatory lesions like Epididymitis 


  •  Vasography: Vasography is a surgical test in which a radio- opaque dye is injected into the vas to determine if it is open or blocked and if it is blocked, to find out the exact site of the block. This test requires very delicate surgery and X-ray equipment.


Group Leader:
Ahmad VosoughTaghi Dizaj, MD

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