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The mechanisms of in vivo and in vitro embryo development are of paramount importance in the field of assisted reproductive technology (ART), dairy farming and biopharming. Although much effort has been put into the establishment of sequential media, further advances are required in order to overcome in vitro stress for embryo development. Therefore, optimization of culture media has remained a major goal of this group. In the field of somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT), despite great advances achieved in recent years, there is also a need to create species-specific protocols to achieve higher efficiency. This implies a focus on both cellular and molecular bases of cellular reprogramming. The search for an alternative method for production of transgenic animals may provide a useful platform for further studies. Cryopreservation of reproductive elements (sperm, oocyte and embryo) is another program scheduled in this department. Finally, there is a critical need to reconsider the efficiency of current in vitro oocyte maturation protocols to access maximum oocyte capability.

Group Leader

Mohammad Hossein Nasr Esfahani, PhD

Chief Researcher

Morteza S. Hosseini, DVM

Research Assistants

V Asgari, MSc
M Forouzanfar, PhD
M Hajian, MSc
F Jafarpoor, PhD
Z Nasiri, MSc
S Ostad Hosseini, DVM
N Sadeghi, DVM
F Shadanlo, MSc

N Tanhaei Vash, BSc

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