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The Department of Stem Cells was established in 2005 to advance research on stem cell biology. This group works on different types of stem cells such as human and mouse embryonic stem cells, in addition to adult stem cells (bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells and dental pulp mesenchymal stem cells, which were first established by this group in Iran). This group has an interest in differentiating these cells into neurons for possible future clinical applications in neuro-degenerative disorders such as Parkinson and Alzimer diseases. In addition, this group has focused on tissue engineering using nanofiber technology as well as drug screening using stem cells.

Group Leader
Mohammad Hossein Nasr Esfahani, PhD

Chief Researcher
Khadijeh Karbalaei, MSc

Research Assistants
F Karamali, MSc
SH Khodaei, MSc
M Peymani, MSc

Lab Technicians
M Nematollahi, BSc
A Shoaraye Nejati, BSc

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