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Following the production of the first recombinant protein in 1978, insulin, extensive research has been undertaken for the purpose of producing other recombinant proteins. Different strategies can be utilized for the production of recombinant proteins, including proteins produced via bacteria, plants, cell culture and through milk production in transgenic animals. Although the production of recombinant proteins through the former methods might be the easiest and most straight-forward procedures; however, research has shown that the production of recombinant proteins through the latter method might be more functional due to post-translational modifications, which are similar to the native protein. Therefore, one of the main missions of this group is to master and establish efficient methods for producing recombinant proteins through cell culture and animal transgenesis.

Group Leader
Mohammad Hossein Nasr Esfahani, PhD

Chief Researcher
Yahya Khazaei, Pha MD

Research Assistants
K. Dormiani, PhD
L. Lachinani, MSc

Lab Technician
MA. Forouzanfar, BSc

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