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The production of a transgenic goat with human coagulation factor IX gene in its milk is one of our priorities in this sub-branch. We are also interested in the production of all kinds of transgenic animals that contain useful proteins that can later be used in the research laboratory or pharmaceutical industry. Above all, we are researching the role of epigenetics on the growth and development of gametes and embryos. One of the newest issues under research is the study of proteom and secretom in embryos, and the selection of embryos with high quality development based on these two items. This subcategory has had the honor to determine the best way to synchronize necessary cells for nuclear transfer into an enucleated oocyte in order to increase the number of cloned embryos. One of the most significant activities of this sub-branch during last two years has been the production of two transgenic goats (Sangool and Mangool) with milk containing human coagulation factor IX. Additionally, another significant activity of this sub-branch is the production of colonized mice embryos with the use of an electric Piezo technique.

Gropu Leader
Poopak Eftekhari-Yazdi, PhD

Laboratory Head
M Hadi, BSc

Research Assistants
A Dalman, MSc
R Fakheri, BSc
M Rajabpour Niknam, MSc
Z Vahabi, BSc


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