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In this group, we focus on different factors affecting sperm biology, such as environmental, nutritional and free radicals, to name a few. In addition, we investigate the correlation of these factors with fertility. Group staff are interested in researching molecular mechanisms involved in sperm maturation and morphogenesis in different cases of infertility. Additionally, sperm and testis cryopreservation have been successfully performed in this laboratory. Effects of cryopreservation techniques and different protocols of sperm processing on DNA fragmentation, membrane integrity and mitochondrial membrane potential were assessed in this group. Our next goal is to plan research regarding germ cell characteristics and its differentiation to spermatozoa.
This subgroup has held four workshops on “Sperm Functional Tests” and “Sperm Class Analyzer System” in the past two years.

Group Leader
Abdolhossein Shahverdi, PhD

Research Scientist
B Ebrahimi, PhD

Research Assistants
Sh Abbasi, MSc
V Esmaeili Borzabadi, MSc
M Sharbatoghli, MSc

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