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The symposium of stem cells application in neurological disorders was held in Royan Institute, on December 29th
Regarding that the symposium issue is a new debate worldwide, Doctor Gourabi, Royan institute president, pointed out: due to the exigency in this debate, there should be a great attempt to solve the problems by cooperation of medicine and biology sciences. He expressed hope of accelerating the stem cells research and added: We have to follow the excellent aims which Dr Saeid Kazemi Ashtiani, the late founder of Royan Institute, was thinking about during his life.
Doctor Ghaffarpour the chief director of Neurology Research Center at Tehran University of Medical Sciences, emphasized the necessity of group work during scientific investigations and mentioned: Realism should always be considered even though the research result is negative. Then he hoped for all researchers ever increasing success by keeping the faith of commitment to country and people.

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