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The first step in infertility management is to evaluate the couple. Male factor infertility accounts for approximately 50% of all infertility cases. Thus in order to study male factor infertility it is necessary to use appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic techniques. The intent of this clinic is to develop new diagnostic methods and treatment for male factor infertility.
Andrology Clinic of Royan Institute is the major referral center for male infertility problems in Iran. A part of the activities in this center for diagnosis of male factor infertility includes patients’ history and clinical examinations such as scrotal sonography, hormone and semen analysis, and DNA damage analysis. This Clinic is set up for the evaluation and treatment of male infertility, male sexual problems, varicocele and vasectomy reversal.
Vasoepidiymostomy, Vasovasostomy, TUR of Ejaculatory Duct, and MD-TESE are the surgical procedures provided for male infertility in Andrology clinic which is divided to a clinic and an operating room.
Main Activities of Andrology Clinic:
  • Recording patient’s history and clinical examination such as scrotal sonography, hormone and semen analysis and DNA damage analysis
  • Determining the etiology of spermatogenesis, as well as functional and ejaculation disorders
  • Trying to extract sperm from the testicle in patients with azoospermia

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