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Head of Department:


            Mahnaz Ashrafi, MD (Gynecologist) 



Research Scientists
  • R Aflatoonian, MD, PhD (Molecular Reproductive Medicine)
  • F Ghaffari, MD (Gynecologist)
  • M Hafezi, MD(Gynecologist)
  • M Hemat, MD (Gynecologist)
  • R Hoseyni, MD (Endocrinologist)
  • T Madani, MD (Gynecologist)
  • M Mashayekhy, MD (Gynecologist)
  • A Moini, MD (Gynecologist)
  • F Ramezanali, MD (Gynecologist)
  • E Shahrokh Tehrani Nejad, MD(Gynecologist)
  • M Shiva, MD (Gynecologist)
  • M Zangene, MD (Physician infectionist)


Research Assistants

  • E Amirchaghmaghi, MD, PhD Candidate
  • A Arabipour, MSc
  • N Jahangiri, MSc
  • Sh Jahanian, PhD Candidate
  • K Kiani, PhD Candidate
  • F Malekzadeh, MSc
  • L Mohamadi Yeganeh, MSc 

Other Members
  • S Aghajanpour, MSc
  • S Jalali, BSc
  • A Janan, MSc
  • M Joudmardi, BSc
  • M Keshvarian, AA
  • A Sanati, BSc
  • L Shajarehpour Salavati, BSc
  • Z Zolfaghari, BSc

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