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Feb 25, 2013 at 04:38 AM

Iran takes part in Chromosome-Gentric Human Proteome Project through Royan Institute as Y Chromosome Proteome Project.

On January 2013 the Journal of Proteome Research has published Iran’s name beside some other developed countries on its cover, studying Chromosome-Gentric Human Proteome Project.

With the generation of a well characterized human genome map together with the availability of in depth transcriptomics, the genesis of C-HPP came from the realization that the proteomic community was well placed to study the full complexity of human proteome. Examples of incomplete proteome information include uncharacterized products for known protein coding genes, variants generated by alternative splicing and coding SNPs (cSNPs), and a comprehensive characterization of major post-translational modifications (PTMs). It is convinced that such a large-scale project will greatly expand the knowledge of the phenotypic state with commensurate payouts in biological and clinical research, such as novel drug targets, molecular diagnostics and therapeutic monitoring (personalized medicine). C-HPP has as a primary goal that the proteomic catalog should be put in the context of the chromosomal gene sequences to promote more effective collaborations with molecular biologists and to improve understanding of the biological context of proteomics data sets.

Regarding the importance of Y chromosome in infertility, the study of this chromosome, its genes and associated proteins is assigned to Royan Institute as one of the premier research and clinical institutes for Reproductive Biomedicine and infertility treatments.


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