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Numerous studies are being conducted in orthopedics group including benign bone cysts, non-union complications following fractures, avascular necrosis of neck of femur, cartilage avulsion and osteomyelitis. Among these disorders, stem cell therapy for osteoarthritis is undergoing its last steps.

bone and joint
Sagittal T2 weighted MR image of patient with ankle, Knee or Hip osteoarthritis, Note patchy subchondral edema (arrowhead) that decreased six month after MSC transplantation (arrowhead).
The results in phase I and II, showed that transplantation of bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells can reduce joint pain in addition to increasing joint function. These results were confirmed with MRI imaging of injected joints. As a pre-clinical study, in step III, 30 patients with osteoarthritis were enrolled in this study and the researchers have obtained important results regarding application of these stem cells in clinical grade. Non-union is a common complication following fractures in bones.
The researchers have conducted phase I and II clinical trials for efficacy of BM-MSC transplantation in facilitating bone re-union. BM-MSC were transplanted with platelet lysis in twelve patients and resulted in a significant improvement in re-union. In order to be able to use BM-MSCs as an option in clinical settings, a double blind clinical trial should be performed comparing its effect with placebo and other available effective treatment options. Cartilage avulsion is another disease being treated with transplantation of BM-MSC.

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