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Cardiovascular Disease Research Group is one of the oldest groups in the Department of Regenerative Medicine and during of its research course -after numerous clinical studies in phases II, III- has provided using bone marrow stem cells in patients with acute and chronic myocardial ischemia as a service.
Studies in this group show that the injection of bone marrow stem cells in the heart muscle and even vessels has no complications for the patients, can significantly increase the activity of heart (ejection fraction) and improve the survival of other affected tissues. Although comparison of the effect of bone marrow-derived mononuclear cells with CD133 cells shows that CD133 cells perform better. In general, this method of cell therapy is beneficial for the patients.

cardiovascular 1
In this chart the studied indicators for evaluation of heart function includes ejection fraction (EF), wall motion score (WMS), the number of non-viable segments (NV), decreased myocardial wall thickness (Dec. thick), perfusion defect score (PDS) and end-systolic diameter (ESD). White circles and triangles indicate the MNC and CD133 cells recipient groups respectively and the black squares are the symbol of control group. As it is obvious, the increase in ejection fraction and decrease in other variables such as wall motion score, the number of non-viable segment, reduced wall thickness, cardiac perfusion defect score and also no change in end-systolic diameter in cell therapy groups compared to control group are signs of the therapeutic effects of cell therapy.
The development of available treatments and application of new therapeutic methods are as primary goals of this group for treatment of diseases which are the most common and deadly diseases in Iran. The use of bone marrow stem cells in children with heart problems and injection of these cells in patients with ischemic valvular defects are as the most important studies which are designed and implemented to develop our current methods.
According to studies conducted worldwide cardiac stem cells (CSCs) are introduced as one of the most suitable cell sources for heart repair. So after the cell culture methods were set up and standardized for clinical uses, currently, a project has been designed in this group in which the use of autologous CSCs in patients with chronic ischemic heart will be evaluated in a phase III placebo-controlled, multi-center clinical trial.

cardiovascular 2
 Wound regeneration after injection of Bone Marrow derived MNC
In addition to conducted research activities in patients with heart diseases, in the cardiovascular group some studies have been performed for wound healing in patients with peripheral vascular diseases such as Buerger and the data shows that cell injection is an effective method to avoid amputation in patients candidate for organ transplantation due to peripheral vascular problems for whom surgery is not possible.
Treatment of refractory wounds in patients with diabetic foot ulcers and the use of cell therapy in patients with lymphatic vessel involvement are also as another group objective which are being followed by the design and implementation of several projects in this field.

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