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Sep 06, 2014 at 10:32 AM
The 15th Royan International Research Award wrapped up its work on September 3rd, 2014 by awarding the top five international researchers besides two national scientists selected from among 222 research articles of 42 countries.
15th award

Winners of Royan 15th International Research Award gave lectures at Royan Twin Congress on Reproductive Biomedicine and Stem Cell Biology and Technology along with invited speakers to almost 2200 audiences.

Dr Sophie Rousseaux from France received the prize of ANDROLOGY & REPRODUCTIVE GENETICS for submitting the paper entitled "Male Genome Programming, Infertility and Cancer". Dr Kristien Hens from Netherlands won the prize of ETHICS for having the paper entitled "Towards the Transparent Embryo? Dynamics and Ethics of Comprehensive Pre-implantation Genetic Screening". Dr Christiani Andrade Amorim from Belgium had the prize of FEMALE INFERTILITY for her paper entitled "New Steps Towards the Artificial Ovary". Dr Anne S. Baron-Van Evercooren from France gained the prize of REGENERATIVE MEDICINE for submitting the paper entitled "Role of Endogenous Neural Precursor Cells in Multiple Sclerosis". Dr Milena Bellin from Netherlands had the prize of STEM CELL BIOLOGY & TECHNOLOGY for her paper entitled "Human Pluripotent Stem Cells for Modelling and Correcting Long-QT Syndrome". Dr Guoping Fan from the United States acheived the prize of EMBRYOLOGY & BIOTECHNOLOGY for submitting the paper entitled "Transcriptome Dynamics of Human and Mouse Preimplantation Embryos Revealed by Single Cell RNAsequencing". The national prize of EMBRYOLOGY went to an Iranian scientist, Dr Rouhollah Fathi for his paper entitled "Optimal Strategy Toward Fertility Preservation: In vivo and in vitro Post-thaw Options in Gamete, Embryo and Ovarian Tissue Cryostorage". The national winner of STEM CELL BIOLOGY & TECHNOLOGY was Dr Seyedeh Nafiseh Hassani for her paper on “The Augmented BMP Pluripotency Pathway via TGF-β Suppression Maintains the Ground State of Embryonic Stem Cells Self-Renewal”.
All research projects were submitted online through which the above mentioned ones were invited to take part in the Award Ceremony and were rewarded for a certificate, the symbol of Royan Award and the amount of $5000. In order to submit projects it is needed to register in Royan International Research Award website, get a username and password and submit related project(s) in the fields of Reproductive Biomedicine, Stem Cell Biology and Technology, and Biotechnology. The submission procedure requires project abstract, full paper(s) in PDF format, a new color photo portrait, and a CV.

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