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The 17th Royan International Research Award wrapped up its work on August 1st, 2016 by awarding the top five international researchers beside three national scientists selected from among 175 research articles of 36 countries.
17th royan award
Winners of Royan 17th International Research Award gave lectures at Royan Twin Congress on Reproductive Biomedicine and Stem Cell Biology and Technology along with invited speakers to almost 2350 audiences.

Dr Jianguo Zhao from China received the prize of BIOTECHNOLOGY for submitting the paper entitled "High Efficient Genome Editing in Pigs for Making Human Disease Models". Dr Peter Koopman from Ausralia won the prize of EMBRYOLOGY for having the paper entitled "Validation of Retinoic Acid as the Master Inducer of Meiosis in Fetal Germ Cells". Dr Miguel Ramalho-Santos from USA had the prize of REPRODUCTIVE GENETICS for his paper entitled "Hira-Mediated H3.3 Incorporation Is Required for DNA Replication and Ribosomal RNA Transcription in the Mouse Zygote". Dr Xiaohua Shen from China gained the prize of STEM CELL BIOLOGY & TECHNOLOGY for submitting the paper entitled "Cis-regulatory roles of lncRNAs in Transcription Regulation and Stem Cell Differentiation". Dr Mohammadsharif Tabebordbar from USA had the prize of REGENERATIVE MEDICINE for his paper entitled "In vivo DMD Gene Editing in Muscles and Muscle Stem Cells of Dystrophic Mice". The national prize of REPRODUCTIVE GENETICS went to an Iranian scientist; Dr Anahita Mohseni Meybodi for her paper entitled "Beneficial Application of Molecular Cytogenetics in Delineation of Chromosomal Abnormalities Involved in Male Infertility: From Rare to Care". The national winner of EMBRYOLOGY & BIOTECHNOLOGY was Dr Mohsen Sharafi for his paper on “Optimization of Domestic Animal Sperm Freezing Using Novel Plant-Origin Cryopreservation Media”. The national winner STEM CELL BIOLOGY & TECHNOLOGY was Dr Kamran Ghaedi for his paper on “Utilization of Pioglitazone as a Novel Approach to Increase the Colony Formation Efficiency of Individualized Human Pluripotent Stem Cells”.
All research projects were submitted online through which the above mentioned ones were invited to take part in the Award Ceremony and were rewarded for a certificate, the symbol of Royan Award and the amount of $5000. In order to submit projects it is needed to register in Royan International Research Award website , get a username and password and submit related project(s) in the fields of Reproductive Biomedicine, Stem Cell Biology and Technology, and Biotechnology. The submission procedure requires project abstract, full paper(s) in PDF format, a new color photo portrait, and a CV.

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