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Distinguished researchers, students and colleagues

Recent decades have witnessed global rapid progress in various fields of science and technology. In the meantime the scientific progress in Iran in various fields of regenerative medicine for treatment of some refractory diseases has been significant and has progressively increased in the fields of prevention, diagnosis, control and treatment of diseases.

The prevalence of chronic and non-infectious diseases such as diabetes is increasing in developing countries.
On the other hand, availability of new methods for prevention and treatment makes interdisciplinary approach a necessity to link medicine, engineering and biology.
Consequently, more and more scientists and researchers are attending international forums and conferences to promote human health and help people achieve a desirable lifestyle.

Due to the corona pandemic, the 11th Royan International Virtual Summer School is purposely postponed to December 26 to 28 and will be managed by the Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism Center of Royan Stem Cell Research Institute with an interdisciplinary approach to diabetes research.

In this scientific event, while evaluating the effective role of interdisciplinary strategy in the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes as the main focus of the conference, new diabetes therapies and new research methods will be discussed. Furthermore, concerning the topic of the day, the relationship between COVID-19 disease and diabetes, the latest studies in this field will be discussed.

The presence of prominent national and International scientists and researchers in this event provides a good opportunity for all participants in different fields of basic and clinical sciences to be informed about the latest scientific achievements and increase their experiences by attending different workshops.

We kindly invite you to attend the 11th Royan International Virtual Summer School. We look forward to your attendance.

Yasser Tahamtani, PhD
Scientific Secretary of the 11th Royan Virtual Summer School



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