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Nov 06, 2017 at 12:59 PM
TEHRAN, Feb. 16 (MNA) – Researchers in Royan Institute have succeeded in developing a 3D bioprinter or bioplotter, unveiled the product on Thursday.

The project manager told Iran’s state news agency IRNA that 3D printers were common in some parts of the world and Royan Institute had the honor to develop the printer; Majid Halvaei said the project initiated four years ago in the Institute and a group of scientists had been working in designing and building the printer; “3D bioprinter creates cell patterns in a confined space using 3D printing which preserves all cell features within the final structure printed; the first step will be to print vessels, bones, and cartilages; the more ambitious scheme seeks to render a 3D version of more complex body parts such as vessels in a bone tissue and kidney,” he told IRNA.

“The early printed material had been simple cells or constellations of cells and only later, bioprinting took a new turn towards complex tissues and even organs when results of laboratory tests were positive,” Halvaei rejoiced to say. “The ultimate objective in developing bioprinter is to emulate the giants of the medicine in reconstruction of body parts which is generally called ‘Reconstruction Medicine;’ this is a revolution in science in other sectors such as industries which makes constructing complex products with ease and precision,” he concluded.



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