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7th Royan International Summer School


  •  Date: 23-28 July 2016
  • Scientific Manager: Sareh Rajabi-Zeleti, PhD
  • Executive Manager: Mostafa Najar-asl, MSc
  • Number of Participants: 344
  • Invited Speakers:

    Dr Amir Reza Aref, PhD
    He gained his PhD in Chemical Engineering from university of Cranfield. After terminating a post-doctoral fellowship in MIT, he is currently working of cancer cell’s growth in microfluidic systems in Dana-Farber cancer institute, USA.

    Dr Farah Tasnim has gained his PhD in Biotechnology, National University of Singapore and now is working there as a post-doctoral research fellow. Her focus is on liver and kidney tissue engineering.

    Dr Volker Kroehne has a PhD in Molecular Biotechnology from Max Planck institute, Germany. He has worked on several projects as a post-doctoral research fellow and he is currently working as post-doctoral fellow in university of Dresden as a member of Professor Michel Reimer’s team. His project is about studying regeneration of traumatic brain injury in zebra fish.

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