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Apr 30, 2017 at 05:32 PM
The 17th C-HPP Symposium was held on April 27-28, 2017. This symposium was jointly organized by Royan Institute and IPS, and HUPO C-HPP Consortium, with more than 300 attendees in conference hall of University of Science & Culture, Tehran.
c-hpp symposium- iran
The 17 invited speakers from different countries gave their lectures on their latest scientific findings around the below outlines:

  •  Functional Validation of the Previous Missing Proteins Involved in Human Reproductive Disease: Experimental Strategy and Pitfall
  •  Antiviral Immunity Cellular Substrates revealed by TAILS Terminomics
  •  Progress in Chr 8 with Disease Implications
  •  C-HPP Project (Chr 9): Proteogenomic Study in Human Lung Cancer
  •  Looking for missing proteins in the testicular germ cell lineage: new insights into normal and pathological spermatogenesis
  •  Searching for missing proteins: Update on chromosome 16 activity
  •  SRM-based ‘missing’ proteins of UPS2 (sigma) and Chr18 expressed in human liver, HepG2 cells and in plasma
  •  The hidden human proteome: the protein-coding "lncRNAs"
  •  Identification of Missing Proteins Encoded in Chromosome X
  •  Heart of Y Chromosome: Searching for Functions of Missing Proteins Involved in Disease
  •  Mitochondrial Proteome-Completion of Missing Protein Annotation
  •  Update on the Food and Nutrition Initiative
  •  Updates of missing proteins and novel variants findings from chromosome 11
  •  Bioinformatic tools of Chromosome 13 team for finding missing protein
  •  Probable Physicochemical and Epigenetic Causes of Missing Proteins

Dr Gh Hosseini Salekdeh was the scientific manager of this symposium and Dr S Pahlavan was the executive secretary.


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