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The 19th Royan International Research Award wrapped up its work on August 29th , 2018 by awarding the top five international researchers beside two national scientists selected from among 191 research articles of 38 countries.

Winners of Royan 19th International Research Award gave lectures at Royan Twin Congress on Reproductive Biomedicine and Stem Cell Biology and Technology along with invited speakers to scientists, researchers and Royan Congress participants.

Prof Saveri Bellusci from Germany received the prize of STEM CELL BIOLOGY & TECHNOLOGY for submitting the paper entitled "Two-Way Conversion Between Lipogenic and Myogenic Fibroblastic Phenotypes Marks the Progression and Resolution of Lung Fibrosis". Prof Reza Nosrati from Australia won the prize of EMBRYOLOGY & ANDROLOGY for having the paper entitled "Microfluidics for Male Fertility". Prof Pradeep Kumar from India and Dr. Amir Amiri-Yekta form Iran had the prize of REPRODUCTIVE GENETICS in common, for their papers on "Epigenetic Regulation of Coding and Non-coding RNA Expression During the 1st Wave of Spermatogenesis" and "Genetics and Molecular Charactrization of the Multuple Morphological Abnormalities of the Sperm Flagella (MMAF) Syndrome" respectively. Prof Ali Fouladi Nashta from UK gained the prize BIOTECHNOLOGY for submitting the paper entitled "Impact of Sperm Hyaluronidase and VLMWHA on Sheep Blastocyst Formation in vitro, Viability after Cryopreservation and Pregnancy Aate After Embryo Transfer". The national prize of REPRODUCTIVE BIOMEDICINE went to an Iranian scientists; Dr Mazdak Razi for his paper entitled "Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory and Testosterone Therapy Reinforces Spermatogonial Stem Cells Self-renewal in Experimentally-induced Varicocele; Possible Mechanisms". The national winner of STEM CELL BIOLOGY & TECHNOLOGY was Dr Sarah Rajabi for her paper on "Bioengineering of a Humanized Heart by Seeding of hiPSC-derived Cardiovascular Progenitor Cells into Growth Factor-tethered Rat Heart Matrix".
All research projects were submitted online through which the above mentioned ones were invited to take part in the Award Ceremony and were rewarded for a certificate, the symbol of Royan Award and a cash. In order to submit projects it is needed to register in Royan International Research Award website, get a username and password and submit related project(s) in the fields of Reproductive Biomedicine, Stem Cell Biology and Technology, and Biotechnology. The submission procedure requires project abstract, full paper(s) in PDF format, and a CV.

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