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20th Royan International Twin Congress

Date:  28-30 August, 2019

Congress Chairman:  F. Ghaffari, MD & S. Hosseini, PhD

Pre-congress Workshops:

1. Principal of Molecular Dynamic Stimulation
2. Isolation and Culture of Mous Spermatogonial Stem Cells
3. Oocyte and Embro Crypreservation
4. Culture Proliferation and Maintenance of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cell
5. Histology Basics and Immune Staining
6. Isolation and Purification of Mesenchymal Stem Cell from Various Refrences: Bone Marrow- Dental pulp and Adipose tissue
7. Improve the Quality of Oocyte
8. Sperm and Embryo in ART Cycles
9. Mouse IVM/IVF
10. Royan-Sapienza-IBB joint Cryo-School
11. Analyzing Sperm Parameters, Hysteroscopy: Office and Operative
12. Male Infertility Micro-Tese Surgery

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